Table Tennis is one of the 12 games available for play in Wii Sports Resort. The basic gameplay involves holding the Wii Remote like a paddle and hitting the ping-pong ball across the table as it comes toward the player. There are two variations of the game, Match and Return Challenge.Table Tennis Term Minidictionary The first computer-generated Mii you will encounter is Cole,with a skill level of 13. The skills of the following opponents multiplies rapidly. If you are able to beat everyone up until the champion, Luca, you will need to know these tips.

Table Tennis Term Minidictionary Edit

If Luca paddles a ball off of the table, watch as a small sun appears around you. If you succeed to hit it, the next ball Luca will offer will be very fast, and it will be outlined in red. This is called an ion shot. There is a way to hit this without a sun around you. If you hit an exceptionally strong shot, there will be a sun around Luca. Hit the ball quickly again and you will get a red-outlined shot. You will find that if you do not succeed in hitting a red-outlined shot from Luca, you will somersault (roll up in a ball and kiss your Tennis racket) as you fall. But wait! There's still a chance!

  1. Cole
  2. Keiko
  3. Gabriele
  4. Marco
  5. Megan
  6. Steph
  7. Gabi
  8. Eva
  9. Jackie
  10. Andy
  11. Gwen
  12. Midori
  13. Miguel
  14. Luca
  15. Takumi
  16. Hiromi
  17. Tomoko
  18. Jessie
  19. Ian
  20. Shinta
  21. Tatsuaki
  1. Stéphanie
  2. Takashi
  3. Sota
  4. Abby
  5. Misaki
  6. Abe
  7. Marisa
  8. Hiromasa
  9. Emily
  10. Vincenzo
  11. Hans
  12. Holly
  13. David
  14. James
  15. Ai
  16. Yoko
  17. Ren
  18. Mike
  19. Kentaro
  20. Rainer
  21. Victor
  22. Taavi
  23. Mia
  24. Shohei
  25. Kathrin
  26. Nelly
  27. Greg
  28. Helen
  29. Julie
  30. Siobhan
  31. Akira
  32. Siiri


  1. Luca

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